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Where is St. Clements?

The Rural Municipality (R.M.) of St. Clements is located in the country of Canada in the province of Manitoba.

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The Rural Municipality of St Clements has a rich and interesting heritage as this is one of the oldest settled areas of Manitoba, Canada.

  • 20,000 years ago: It lay beneath a sheet of ice almost 4 kilometres thick
  • 11,000 years ago: It was at the bottom of glacial Lake Agassiz
  • 10,000 years ago: The first humans arrived as the lake receded
  • 230 years ago: European fur traders arrive, followed shortly by settlers
  • Present: St.Clements has over 10,000 full-time residents and 5,000 cottagers

We want to share our history and stories with you!

These stories, which tell of the accomplishments of our pioneers,will be an inspiration to all.

We have information about the history of the R.M. of St. Clements:

  • For students interested in learning about local history
  • For residents wanting to know more about the story of where they live
  • For visitors who want to know where to find our heritage sites

logo for the RM of St. ClementsTo find out more about modern day St. Clements visit their website at

Latest News

Help Build the Grand Marais Heritage Room

Grand Marais Community Central

The new Grand Marais Community Central building near Grand Beach, Manitoba is creating a Heritage Room to honour those who built the community; grand beach poster railway workers, fishers, business people, cottagers and more.

They need to raise $233,000 to build the exhibits.

Click here to visit their website and learn how you can help with this exciting project.

Driving Tour

Driving Tour  booklet coverThe St. Clements Heritage Committee has helped to develop a 2 hour driving tour of historic places in the area.

It is available to view and download online here.

Your Family Story

Thomas Bunn and family

This site will feature the stories of many of the people and families who have made a significant contribution to St Clements.

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St. Clements Heritage Committee

Unveiling the Gunn's mill grinding wheel

The R.M. of St Clements established the Heritage committee in 1998 to advise council on heritage matters and to promote, preserve and protect local heritage.

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